The general IP LogiCORE license status can be obtained by opening XLCM or CORE Generator. You`ll get detailed information by running the following information on a command prompt. There are different types of users of the product licensing site, who are customer account administrators, end-users and evaluation users. With an acquired license, you can target all Xilinx CPLD and FPGA devices and run all Xilinx apps you`ve purchased. (including bit ration). An acquired license does not expire. However, some purchased licenses contain a version limit (usually one year after the purchase date). In this case, a user must obtain a new license when they update a new version of the software that was released after the version limit month. If you have licensed the download center and have not yet received it via email, please check your spam or junk food folder. The email can be blocked by electronic filters. You may need to contact your IT department, as emails may be blocked at the server level. You can also use your list of secure senders.

CORE software and IP xilinx licenses contain the TS_OK channels that allow use from a remote desktop. 3.1 Reverse engineering. You must not redevelop, decompilate, decompil or attempt to extract the source code from the software product and not modify, translate, transport or modify the software product. 3.2 Separation of components. The software product is licensed as a single product. Components cannot be separated to be used beyond the specified material. 3.3 Transmission. You cannot give, sublicens, transfer, debit, mortgage, lease, lease, lease, retain at the same time or share your rights under this Agreement, or otherwise allow third parties to use the software product, and this contract automatically expires in the event of unauthorized use.

3.4 Dual Media Software. You can get the software product in more than one media outlet. Regardless of the type or size of the support you receive, you can only use one hardware-friendly medium. You cannot use or install other media on additional equipment and their use is subject under this Agreement. Cashing in a product claim leads the site to create one or more license keys. During installation, the license keys allow the use of the tool and IP that has been purchased or is being evaluated. Your product authorizations and resulting licenses are managed in a product authorization account on Xilinx`s website. The duration of the contract or the guarantee of a license is reflected within the version limit. In addition to managing product authorizations for your purchased tools and IP, you can also access product authorizations for products without charge or evaluation. Full licenses and paid licenses have a subscription period of one year. The tool analysis lasts 30 days and the IP scan is 120 days.

The easiest way to check all available Xilinx licenses is the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) or the Vivado License Manager (VLM). In XLCM, select the Manage Xilinx Licenses tab or select the View License Status screen in VLM. The license manager displays all Xilinx licenses exported to servers, XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variables, as well as licenses in the $HOMEDIR/.xilinx directory. Alternatively, the «lmutil lmdiag» command can be used through a control system to display all FLEX licenses available in a specific directory or executed on a specific server.