After applying for a successful work permit and when a visa is required, an applicant must apply for an entry visa from his or her Irish embassy or consulate. An online visa application form can be accessed at The contact details of the Irish embassies and consulates and the list of countries subject to the visa requirement are available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade at A work permit is a document that allows a foreigner to work legally in Poland. Pay slips must be submitted when a work permit is renewed. Pay slips that do not clearly specify the basic salary described above have an impact on the renewal application. There are up to three steps in the process of applying for a work permit: information on foreigners doing the work: the worker concerned must have worked with the contractor for at least six months prior to the transfer to support the assertion that the contractor obtained the contract on the basis of the skills and services he was able to provide. (a) the amount of basic salary paid abroad at the time of the foreign employer`s application (b) where the basic salary is less than the national minimum wage or at a lower rate of pay or as a result of an order; the additional payment that the foreign employer must make abroad, c) the total amount covered by paragraphs (a) and (b) that the foreign employer must pay on the amounts covered by points (a) and (if it exists), (e) for the total amount covered in paragraph (c), the amount to be paid abroad during the period for which the work permit is granted , plus the fees covered at point (d). An application can be made online via the online work permit system. The online system has a user manual that guides the applicant through the process and describes the documentation requirements for each type of employment permit. An application for a work permit must be received at least 12 weeks before the start of the proposed work. It must be a one-for-one contract with an Irish body – proof of that contract can be sought. Work permits are not taken into account in cases where work is awarded to third parties.

Permissions can only be considered for the duration of the contact. Applications may be accepted at first instance for a maximum of twenty-four months and, upon request, renewed for a maximum stay of five years. As a general rule, a work permit holder`s entry permit is tied to his or her work permit with the immigration permit expiring when a work permit expires. The Department recalls that a work permit holder may continue to work while the renewal authorization is processed and, in such cases, no person is asked to stop working or leave the country when the work permit has expired.