Ultimately, this means more opportunities for British companies to supply international governments. GPA parties use their own online platforms to publish supply opportunities. The WTO website contains specific information on public procurement. In return, British companies will have access to the 1,300 billion pounds of supply markets covered by the GPA worth more than GBP 1,300 billion. In accordance with Article V of the revised GPA, specific and differentiated treatment of developing countries can be negotiated in the form of transitional measures such as offsets, tariff preference programmes, higher thresholds and the gradual introduction of enterprises by a developing candidate country in the accession process, subject to the agreement of the other parties and the development needs of the member. The GPA is a WTO agreement. It began in 1979 as the Tokyo Round Code on Government Procurement, in order to subject public procurement to internationally accepted trade rules. After several modifications and extensions of the scope, it became the AMP signed in Marrakech in 1994. It is an agreement between members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to open each other`s markets to the sale of goods and services to governments, often including regional and local governments. The GPA is what is called a multi-lateral agreement, which means that it includes some, but not all, WTO members.

Multilateral agreements have been a useful way for countries to continue to reduce trade barriers, while WTO-wide trade negotiations have stalled. The United Kingdom expects to join the GPA in January 2021, after the end of the transition. For the most part, the UK Government will continue to have access to its GBP 68 billion supply markets to foreign suppliers, as it has done as a member of the EU, but this time on its own. The Public Procurement Agreement (GPA) opens up public procurement between its parties. For the United Kingdom, as a party to the GPA, this means that the parties applauded Brazil for immediately releasing its responses to a checklist of questions relating to its public procurement legislation, the first step in «stimulating» GPA accession negotiations. Alexander Parola, Brazil`s ambassador to the WTO, said the government was «working hard to present an ambitious first market access offer» that it intended to present by the end of the year. International Intergovernmental Organizations That Have Been Granted Observer Status on the DPA Committee The decision will allow the UK to join the GPA as soon as the UK`s transition with the EU ends. The UK Ambassador to the WTO, Julian Braithwaite, reaffirmed «the UK`s long-standing support for the agreement and its constructive commitment to the Committee.» He underlined the UK`s willingness to continue to grant foreign suppliers access to its public procurement contracts worth 68 billion pounds as part of its market access offer, in exchange for British companies` continued access to «GPA market coverage worth more than 1.3 trillion pounds.»