Being vigilant means more sustainable activity and a smarter will than vigilance; one can be generally vigilant because of the speed of Aboriginal perception and thought, or one may be vigilant for a short time under a certain excitement or expectation; Someone who is vigilant is thus for a thoughtful purpose. We are vigilant against danger or damage; he can be vigilant or vigilant for good and against evil; he is cautious in the face of suspicions of strategy, fraud or treason. A person may be awake because only physical arousal or excitement, such as insomnia; But he can be completely careless and careless in his vigilance, the opposite of vigilant; a person who is really vigilant must keep awake while he is at the station, in which case the guard has something of mental quality. Vigilants, Saxon and vigilant, from Latin, are almost exact equivalents; but vigilant has something more firm and a little more proposal of will; one can be generally vigilant; one is vigilant about the purpose and for the direct cause, as in the presence of an enemy. Compare ALERT. Signatures: Sometimes employees comfortably forget to sign the agreement in the hope that their employer will not notice. It doesn`t matter. All the employer has to show to enforce these agreements is that you received and chose the offer without working against the conditions. Applying these principles, the Court found that the defendant`s interpretation rendered other conditions inoperative in the agreement, which is part of the bonus payment in the case of a change of control.

The Court also found that the applicant`s interpretation was consistent with economic efficiency and common sense, as it was motivated by considerations of adequacy and fairness. In particular, the interpretation of the contract in favour of the applicant resulted in an objectively reasonable and consistent result that, in the event of a change of control or termination without notice, the applicant would be entitled to unpaid bonuses for the work of previous years, a proportional or proportionate bonus for his work in the year in which he was dismissed. and compensation for the bonus he would have received next year if he had continued to work for the accused. Second, the Court decided that it could consider evidence of the actual matrix or the circumstances of the contract at the time the contract was concluded. In other words, the Court was prepared to consider the circumstances that the parties knew or should reasonably have known to help determine the objective meaning of the words used. Antonyme: Unwise, ignorant, reckless, reckless, inattentive, inattentive, unguarded, reckless, careless, always be careful in front of anyone who promises that his love will last longer than a weekend. We wanted to come out and be the voice of Republicans who distrust Trump and who have said they are strange to publicly support Hillary. Beware of public places, dog parks are a game of chance that you take with dogs you do not know.

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