Prior to the implementation of EU social security legislation, the UK had negotiated reciprocal agreements on social security contributions with some other EEA countries. However, the UK government believes that these agreements are no longer valid. We understand that some EU countries share this view, others do not. German social security legislation: if the SSA does not apply, German social security applies as shown below. If no agreement has been reached on the future relationship after 31 December 2020, you will no longer be able to book staff in the UK. Instead, your employee should be considered a legitimate resident of the UK and contribute to the UK social security system. It remains to be hoped that workers already covered by eu social security rules will benefit from some kind of «grandfather» protection or transition period, while new rules will be negotiated, agreed and introduced. However, it is not known at this time what this might look like or how long such rules will apply. If you are currently working in the UK and working in the UK beyond 31 December 2020, the social security coordination rules continue to apply under the withdrawal agreement.

All periods of employment you incur in the UK before and after that date and your periods in France will be taken into account when calculating your pension policy rights in the UK. Since you only receive a French pension, you keep health insurance coverage under the French social security system. You are bound by the withdrawal contract, which means that you can receive medical treatment if you return to France, whatever the reason for your stay, and for all the treatments you receive here (medically necessary and planned care) covered in accordance with French regulations. You must contact the last health insurance company to which you were a member before leaving France to request reimbursement of your health costs or, alternatively, to the local health insurance fund in which you are staying in France. Mechanisms have been put in place between states to ensure the continuity of social security rights for people who move from one country to another.