In this article, I declare an important but simple rule, which refers in Arabic to the verb-subject agreement. If the verb follows the subject, it must agree with it in number and sex, for example.B. however, if the verb comes before the subject, it corresponds only with the subject in sex and remains unique, z.B in total, if the subject comes according to the verb, he agrees with him, both in sex and in number; However, if he stands before him, he agrees with him in sex, but always remains unique. This rule is not influenced by the tension of the sentence, i.e. it applies to each verb and subject regardless of the tension. Can you start the following sentences with the verb that has this rule in mind? – 1) Harmony of man – 2) – Compatibility of observations – 3) – the declaration of an exchange of promises – 4) – the thing arranged or agreed – 5) -the determination of grammatical difference on the basis of verbal relations – 6) – the verbal act of agreements – [synonyms]: concordance, disposition, concord, correspondence, understanding – . * مُطَابَقَة، مُعَاهَدَة، مُقَاوَلَة، مُلاَءَمَة، مُواءَم، مُوَاءَمَة، مُواطَأَة، مُوَافَقَة، مِيثاق، نِسبَة، وِفَاق، وِفاقِيّ، وِئَام الطالبتان تدرسان في الجامعة..